Day 20

I have to be honest and make clear that this photo wasn’t taken today, but almost, it was nearly midnight when I shot this, and I needed to post this as today’s photo because I don’t know when I’m gonna have this opportunity again: It was Halloween, the traffic was chaotic, there was a lot of people in the streets with different costumes and that made the traffic even worse; so the city was just a mess…

Could it be any worse?

Yes. Late in the night there was a black-out, so the traffic-lights stopped working and Pereira was just a huge chaos, and, as I like long exposure shots I decided to make a photo of this “beautiful mess”.

So, I set my camera in Bulb mode in which the shutter stays open only until the shutter button is released; in order to avoid moving I used a tripod and I had to stay still while holding the button, so the picture wasn’t coming out blurred.

I kept it pressed for 255 seconds (more than 4 minutes); and as the shutter is open, it catches all the light trails made by the cars.

My next 20 posts are gonna be in Spanish, my idea is that everyone can understand at least part of this project, so I’ll write 20 in english, then 20 in spanish.

Feel free to  critique or suggest anything you want.



5 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Hayyy la ciudad, siempre en movimiento, siempre tan caótica… A mi a veces me dan ganas de salirr corriendo a respirar aire puro!!! ver cosas verdes, paisajes relajantes… A veces no quiero oir pitos, ver luces de stop, de semaforos, de carros… creo que la ciudad es muy fuerte y nosotros los humanos muy debiles para tanto caos…

    Te adoro pablis!

  2. Me gusta mucho 🙂 extrano a vivir en un lugar donde se ve movimiento… el unico movimiento que veo aqui son las arboles con el viento 🙂 la foto quedo muy bonita 😉

  3. Pienso que es en la 14 con Av Circunvalar…desde el Edificio INVICO…me encantan estas fotografias de larga exposicion porque la sensacion de movimiento que producen las luces me parece fascinante, esta te quedó excelente desde donde sea!!!!

  4. Pablo, I love the cyclist trail that come in from the top left, then rides overt the pavement. You’ve done remarkably well keeping it this sharp, considering you were holding the shutter button down.
    Great job.

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