Day 19

I’m probably the person who knows less about cars; but this project is about learning new things too, so I had to investigate a little bit to write about my today’s shot.

The Cooper Company started in 1946; created by Charles Cooper and his son John.

In the 1930’s, Charles worked as a mechanic for the famous land-speed record driver Kanye Don; and ran a small and modest garage where he performed straightforward car repairs. So this was the environment where John was raised, surrounded by cars and machinery; he left the school at the age of 15 in order to become a toolmaker.

Their first cars were built in a small garage in England and were single-seat 500 cc, Formula 3 racing cars driven by John Cooper and Eric Brandon. Since materials were in short supply immediately after World War II, the prototypes were constructed by joining two old Fiat topolino front-ends together.

According to John Cooper, the stroke of genius that would make the Coopers an automotive legend—the location of the engine behind the driver—was merely a practical matter at the time. Because the car was powered by a motorcycle engine, they believed it was more convenient to have the engine in the back, driving a chain.

The business grew by providing an inexpensive entry to motor sport for seemingly every aspiring young British driver, and the company became the world’s first and largest post-war, specialist manufacturer of racing cars for sale to privateers.

Cooper built over 300 F3 cars and dominated the category, winning 64 out of 78 major races between 1951 and 1954. This volume of construction was unique and enabled the company to grow into the senior categories.

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5 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. Muy bien logrado ese rojo …me apasionan estos carritos, toda la vida me han parecido fantasticos…excelente historia en tu blog y excelente imagen!!!

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