Day 18

Pereira, Colombia, 2:00 am and we can forecast the weather for the whole day… Foggy, rainy, dark  and maybe cold.

I decided to make a new HDR out of one single black and white photo, just to enhance the details and give a sort of mysterious atmosphere.

“Viaducto César Gaviria Trujillo” is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Risaralda; and makes easy travelling between two cities, Pereira and Dosquebradas.

It was named after César Gaviria, an ex-president who was born in Pereira; the bridge passes over the Otún river and it’s become an important landmark for the region.

Some facts I’ve found about this bridge:

When César Gaviria Trujillo Viaduct was finished, it was ranked 20th in the longest cable stayed bridges of the world.

The bridge was built by a Brazilian and German consortium, with assistance from French and Portuguese firms.

It was finished in 1997, so it’s 14 years old.

Its price was 58 million dollar.

Twelve workers died during its construction.

The bridge was an infamous site for committing suicide, from 1997 until 2005, 88 people ended their lives by jumping off the bridge. Nowadays, there are barriers in the borders, and, since its construction, no one has jump off it, even though some people have tried to climb up the barriers.

Length: 440 meters.

Width: 26 meters

Lane width: 3.5 meters each one, there are 4

Number of pylons: 17

Pylon Height: 96 and 105 meters

Deck height: 55 meters above the Otún river.

Steel Cables: 177 Tons

Metallic Structure: 2.758 Tons.

Volume of concrete used in the structure: 19.500 m3

The bridge has been a key element to reduce the traffic between the two cities. It reduced the travel time between them by up to 40 minutes.

It also had a considerable  region impact by making easier transportation links between the main cities of the Coffee Area.

Feel free to  critique or suggest anything you want.



6 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. Excelente Pablo, que atmosfera tan pereirana has captado…la historia del puente es perfecta, no conocia todos esos detalles!!!

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