Day 14

This little guy is our visitor today.

This moth has been standing on the kitchen’s floor, and  no matter how close I get with the camera, it doesn’t move at all, like he is not afraid of being touched or photographed; this is the kind of models that photographers really need 😉

Some curious facts about moths:

Moth antennae are either feather like, or a hair like filament; they have hairy bodies to keep their body temperature necessary for flight.

In colder climates some moths can have a 2 year life circle.

Male moths have larger antennae than females, which is good for detecting the pheromones released by females.

The “Luna Moth” is born without a mouth, never eats or drinks.

Sounds incredible, but moths can navigate by the stars.

Their wing veins are a good way to identify the specie, it would be like finger prints in human beings.

Moths can see ultra-violet light.

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4 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Me paarece fantastica….me gusta mucho la toma desde arriba, me parece que el recorte se puede mejorar, recortando un poco mas de arriba, la toma de frente es fabulosa!!! Animo Pablo vas muy bien!!!!!!!

  2. Mere makro ❤ Synes generelt natsværmere, er nogle ret sløve insekter!
    Ved ikke om det bare er mig, men ville nok have prøvet at få følehornene helt med. Men ellers godt fanget, jaa!

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