Day 12

Traveling as a back packer has become so popular lately, and Pereira has been visited by lots of these travelers lately.

Some of these adventurers have to do something in order to survive every day, they need money to buy food, to pay for a place to stay over night, but as they do not have permission to work in this or another country that they visit, they need to find another way to get the money.

The guys that we see in the photo are back packers from Argentina, and they try to entertain the people while they wait for the traffic lights to switch into green, so they do some juggling and one of they play the drum; they don’t even charge anything, you can just give them as much as you want, of course, if you want to; and some others make some hand-crafts and sell them, something like typical bracelets and necklaces from their countries, or rings with beautiful and strange stones; what they do depends on their skills.

The tecnique that I used for this photo is called “Cut-Out” or “Selective Color”, which consists in selecting in the picture what you would like to stand out, and turn into black and white everything else; that creates an effect that drags someone’s eyes to the main subject and makes the image more interesting.

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6 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Me encanta mucho pablo esa foto:) gracias por subir la tan rapido 😛 en serio me gusta mucho como son de colorados estes senores 🙂

  2. Er normalt ikke meget for sort-hvid billeder med lidt farve, men her har det et formål, det kan jeg godt lide! Men hov, skal nummerpladen også have farve? :b

  3. Me inspira algo muy profundo, quizás te parezca una tontería, pero tenía que compartirlo. La fotografía me dice que, incluso en las ciudades, donde hay miseria, odio, estrés, contaminación, injusticias… y un largo etcetera, siempre hay algo (o alguien) que te anima a continuar y le da un toque de color al gris del que estamos tiñiendo el mundo. Muy buena Pablo y gracias! :)-Leo

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