Day 8

Colombian students, teachers and common citizens  in Colombia are protesting agains the new law to reform the higher education system, so, nearly all the public universities started an strike a couple of weeks ago.

Ir order to keep the strike, some students with hoods and something to cover their faces with, take the chairs and desks out of the classrooms and make a pile with them in front of the door, so that the teachers who are not supporting the strike can not go in and give the class.

Lately, as some teachers were moving the piles of chairs and werte able to give the class, students have been taking drastic measures and take the desks and chairs out of the buldings, put them in the street or make a huge pile with them in any of the sidewalks; also, they put some of them in the entrances of every building so that nobody can go in.

If there is anything you would like to ask, just contact me.



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